GBB3012 COM Express Gaming IO Baseboard

GBB3012 is the first COM Express baseboard integrated with gaming IO features, security protection and 72 pin fruit golden finger. This gaming baseboard can help you easily to develop your COM Express gaming solution and save time and cost to the market. GBB3012 supports necessary gaming features for video gaming, slot machines, 8 liners games, VLT and many gaming applications.

GBB3012 is a flexible COM Express gaming baseboard, which integrated with 72 pin golden finger, TOPROOT's Gaming Peripheral Controller GPC2010A and TOPROOT's patent: TAM.

Contribute to GPC2010A (Gaming Peripheral Controller) and TAM (a convenient pulse type gaming peripherals control method), GBB3012 can not only provide the gaming features for gaming applications but also can successfully reduce the loading of CPU processor and software developers.

To protect your core software, GBB3012 is equipped with RootSecu, TOPROOT's patent, for the security protection. This security protection can also be customized by minimizing customization cost.

This ready-to-use gaming baseboard can be easily implemented with the COM Express module per your different demand of computing and GPU power for various gaming applications. Also, to make it perfectly fit to your demand, it is flexible and fast to customize your own gaming feature via IP level of GPC controller.

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