CHLOR*RID Announces Chlor*Ion Meter

CHLOR*RID International has announced Chlor*Ion Meter, a patent-pending hand-held digital testing device that electronically measures chloride with an internal ion specific electrode for accurate worry-free testing. Designed specifically for the surface preparation industry, Chlor*Ion Meter digitally tests for dangerous chloride contamination and corrosion on surfaces in workboats, highways, bridges, railroads, aircraft, ships, dams, and tanks. It simply revolutionizes Chloride testing for safer corrosion-free surfaces.

Chlor*Ion Meter employs an internal ion-specific electrode for more rugged field use (all other devices utilize an external electrode on a cord, which can get immediately damaged in the field). Chlor*Ion Meter's ion electrode is extremely accurate, measuring chloride with lab quality results every time. Based on CHLOR*RID's popular Chlor*Test, the Chlor*Ion Meter now digitally measures chloride in surfaces, removing operator error caused when either the testing tube is not read correctly or results are recorded incorrectly. In addition, Chlor*Ion Meter dramatically reduces the cost per test by eliminating the need for a glass titrator tube as needed with non-digital tests. Record keeping is far faster, easier and more accurate.

Chlor*Ion Meter features:
Logs job name or number and location of test with an alpha numeric keypad (uses either numbers or letters).
All readings are recorded electronically for lab-quality accuracy.
Data is downloadable to a spreadsheet, such as Excel.
Downloaded data includes job identification, location, date and time.
Connects via USB to any computer.
Readings are secure as the operator cannot change or delete them.

Applications for Chlor*Ion Meter Use to Remove Chloride from Surfaces: bridge structures, ships, mining facilities, storage tanks, public utilities, electronics, offshore drilling rigs, marine structures, process equipment, pulp and paper mills, power generation plants, natural gas facilities, saw mills, petrochemical installations, piping, cooling towers, railcars, aircraft.

Chlor*Ion Meter will be available Q2 2010.

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