118 800 to Connect UK to Millions of Mobile Numbers

The concept of the directory enquiry (DQ) service is set to be brought into the mobile age with the announcement that 118 800 the UK's first and only service with the ability to connect individuals to millions of mobile numbers is to launch nationwide 18th June.

In a first for the industry, anyone in the UK will now be able to connect directly to the people they want when they want to - by accessing 118 800 either by phone or online at and connecting via the service's simple and easy to use interface.

The launch of the service is set to come as major news to people in the UK who need a directory enquiry service with mobile numbers which caters for modern, mobile lifestyles and grants the ability to 'get hold of people now' whilst respecting their privacy.

Research shows nearly two thirds of people are in favour of using a DQ service which contains mobile listings as opposed to without, on the premise that the service would not give out the number.

Next week's launch of 118 800 marks a radical shift in the directory enquiry (DQ) industry to accommodate fast-moving and mobile living trends and brings with it numerous key advantages including:
Getting hold of people now - For the first time members of the public will be able to connect to millions of people wherever they are. 'Communication crises' situations where people need to connect to someone now are key times when 118 800 is at its most useful and highlight its merits over social media such as Facebook. For example a parent late to pick their child up from school can use the service to contact a fellow parent to look after their son/daughter until they arrive.
Emergency back up - The service offers easier accessibility if you have lost a phone, left it at home or run out of battery. Because few people memorise telephone numbers anymore, the service works as an effective way to get in touch with people on their mobile phone.

118 800's unique offering will exist both as a phone DQ service and online at Both formats will operate via a simple interface designed to ensure privacy.

Users of the service will be greeted by a 118 800 operator and asked to give the name and location of the mobile phone user they are searching for. The 118 800 operator will then search a database of millions of UK mobile phone numbers. If the search is successful the 118 800 operator will call the recipient. The recipient can then choose to accept or decline the 118 800 call. In the event that the recipient doesn't answer his or her phone, the service user can choose to have 118 800 leave a voicemail or send an SMS with their contact details.

In the case of, an SMS message is sent to the recipient giving the enquirer's contact details to allow them to call back.

At all times during the 118 800 experience, privacy is paramount. In its essence a connection service, 118 800 will connect you to the mobile you want but will ensure that at no point are mobile numbers themselves disclosed, ensuring peace of mind and an unequivocal guarantee that your data will remain private.

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