Jericho Forum Elects Five Board Members

Jericho Forum has announced the results of its recent member elections for five board appointments. For the first time two senior representatives from the vendor community Philippe Courtot, CEO of Qualys, and John Arnold, Chief Security Architect, Capgemini are joining the board.

Board membership lasts for a period of three years and election is conducted on the basis of member votes on a one vote per member-organisation basis. Three key contributors to the Forum over its four year history have also been re-elected, Paul Simmonds (AstraZeneca), John Meakin (BP) and Andrew Yeomans (Dresdner Kleinwort). They re-join existing board members, Adrian Seccombe (Eli Lilly) and Steve Whitlock (Boeing).

Jericho Forum's goal is to promote confidence and operational efficiency for businesses operating in the cloud through the development of effective cross-organisational processes, ICT products that conform to open security standards and assurance processes that can be trusted by all parties.

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