Neptuny's Caplan SaaS Adopted by Pirelli Broadband Solutions

Neptuny's Caplan SaaS, the first Capacity Management solution available on the market that complies with the Software-as-a-Service paradigm, was adopted by Pirelli Broadband Solutions, the broadband access company within the Pirelli Group. Pirelli Broadband Solutions have deployed Caplan SaaS so that they can provide a high level of service at all times to their customers, who are large telecom operators and ISPs.

The Discus Pirelli Management Platform is the software platform provided by Pirelli Broadband Solutions to leading telecom Operators for the remote management of a variety of Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), LAN-side devices and terminals, such as Access Gateways, Set Top Boxes, Home Networking Devices, VoIP terminals, WiFi Access Points, 3G femtocells. The Pirelli Management Platform is designed as an advanced SOA architecture which allows to manage a large number of multi-vendor devices, in a flexible and scalable way. Moreover, Pirelli Management Platform provides a web interface that enables users to work directly on each single Customer Premises Equipment thereby providing efficient first-level Help Desk support.

Since all activities performed by the Pirelli Management Platform on Customer Premises Equipment, such as provisioning, configuration management, assurance and firmware upgrades, are critical, the Pirelli Management Platform needs to guarantee a high level of service. As part of the engineering expertise support provided to its customers to optimize the performance of Pirelli Management Platform in their fast growing network environment, Pirelli Broadband Solutions decided to use a Capacity Planning tool. At the same time, Pirelli Broadband Solutions was looking for a solution that would enable Capacity Planning activities to be available as soon as possible, without requiring any infrastructure and maintenance cost, at least as an initial step. Therefore, Pirelli Broadband Solutions adopted Caplan SaaS from Neptuny, the first Capacity Management solution available on the market that complies with the Software-as-a-Service paradigm. Caplan SaaS provides all the features and benefits of the standard edition of the Caplan product.

Caplan SaaS - key features:
- Capacity Planning as a Service: Caplan SaaS does not require any management infrastructure to be installed at the customer site. In addition to that, Caplan SaaS infrastructure is hosted in a High-Availability Data Centre directly managed by Neptuny's support. Therefore, customers do not have to perform any maintenance activity, such as managing the Caplan Capacity Database or product upgrades, hence not incurring any ongoing effort and costs once the service starts.
- Secure and easy-to-use web interface: Caplan SaaS is accessible easily and securely from the Internet. All user functionalities are accessible via a web interface structured to enable the entire lifecycle of the Capacity Management process (e.g. data gathering, analysis and model building and reporting); access to data and functionalities can be restricted by means of Access Control Lists (ACL) in order to assign roles according to user responsibilities. Data and access security can be guaranteed by SSL encrypted communications.
- Flexible Service: Caplan SaaS provides customers with flexible and affordable Capacity Planning service. Users can subscribe Caplan SaaS service only for a defined period of time (e.g. 6 months): at end of the period, the service can be renewed for additional time periods. Moreover, customers can subscribe to tailored service that are designed to match their needs, e.g. in terms of number and type of items ( e.g. virtual server, storage arrays, mainframe) and functionalities (forecasting, predictive monitoring, by exception reporting). Therefore, customers are enabled to implement a Capacity Management process with the right level of maturity and then make it evolve according their organization changes.

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