Vuzix Announces the Wrap 920AV

Vuzix announces a ground-breaking addition to the video eyewear market: the Wrap 920AV. As the demand for mobile access to digital entertainment and information skyrockets, Vuzix has once again pushed the envelope. This portable big screen solution with Vuzix' proprietary Quantum optics technology allows for a "see-thru" video experience in the form of a functional pair of sunglasses and is upgradeable with optional accessories.

The stylish Wrap 920AV functions with any media playing device with a video output and projects a virtual 60-inch screen, as viewed from 9-feet. The state-of-the-art lens technology also allows users for the first time to view 3D video content while seeing and interacting with the real world. This incredible blend of reality and computer generated content will transform the world of portable video while opening up the consumer to previously impossible "location aware" applications. An optional 6-Degree of Freedom tracking sensor and/or Stereo Camera Pair will enable users to upgrade their Wrap 920AV to experience virtual, augmented and mixed reality environments.

Additionally, Vuzix will be offering low cost optional prescription lens inserts to provide the perfect solution for consumers wearing prescription eyeglasses. A patent pending electronic Inter-Pupillary Distance system enables eye separation adjustment, ensuring that all users will have an optimal viewing experience. Amazingly, the entire system weighs less than 3 ounces.

The Wrap 920AV's features include:
Virtual 60-inch screen viewed from 9-feet;
2D and 3D video formats;
Quantum Optics Technology;
Twin high-resolution AMLCD displays;
Ultra low power electronics;
High-quality noise-isolating and removable comfort fit earphones;
Up to 6 hours of battery life on two AA batteries;
On screen display settings control;
For use with or without eyeglasses;
Optional prescription lens inserts;
Optional Bluetooth 6-Degree of Freedom head tracking system;
Optional USB-powered Stereo Camera Pair.

Compatible devices include:
All iPod/iPhone models with video output;
Portable media players;
Video cameras;
Cellular phones with video output;
Console video game systems;
Digital cameras;
DVD players;
PCs & laptops with S-Video.

The Wrap 920AV will be available in Spring 2009.

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