Ademero Inc. Releases Content Central Version 4.6

Ademero Inc. has announced the release of Content Central version 4.6. The browser-based document management software has been improved with a document-type organization layer, a no-hassle document-creation interface, and a data-integration tool for business applications. Both the Enterprise Edition and Workgroup Edition of Content Central have been updated.

Prior to the 4.6 release, Content Central organized related collections of documents using Catalogs. Now one or more Document Types can be defined within those Catalogs, and each document record is associated with its appropriate Document Type. This change moves Catalog components, such as user access, index fields, workflow rules, and retention policies, to the Document-Type level.

Along with capturing, storing, retrieving, and managing documents and other content, Content Central now allows users to create new documents using the Capture Forms feature. Customized PDF forms can be uploaded as templates used to generate new documents in the system. Users load a Capture Form within the Web-browser interface, fill out the form's fields, and submit the form directly to the Content Central database. Content Central composes a new PDF document and stores it in the same location as scanned and uploaded documents. These digital documents can be subsequently accessed and edited in the browser, and a new version will be issued automatically for tracking purposes.

To simplify the document-coding process, administrators can now define Field Lookups to assign index-field values using data from other applications. Any external data source added to the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) component in Microsoft Windows can be used for Field Lookups. Data from applications such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can be pulled into Content Central, streamlining the capture process and eliminating redundant data entry.

As a fully browser-based document management software system, Content Central extends the boundaries of the traditional office. The server-based software package works well as an intranet, extranet, or stand-alone application. Client workstations need only a standard Web browser to access the Content Central server in house or off site. This not only provides quick deployment, but also allows secure access to the server from any location. Tools for capturing, creating, accessing, and managing documents and other content exist entirely within the browser-based interface. Content Central solutions and pricing are available for organizations ranging from the small business to the large enterprise.

Content Central runs on the Microsoft Windows Server platform and utilizes Microsoft SQL Server as its back-end database engine. Client access to the Content Central server works well with both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox Web browsers. A ready-to-use document scanning software application, Content Central provides an interface for TWAIN-compliant document scanners and includes a barcode-generation tool for batch processing. Electronic documents and content can be uploaded from client to server using an efficient drag-and-drop interface. Content Central's management tools include version control, retention policies, and workflow rules.

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