AirMagnet Enterprise 8.0 Protects from New WPA Vulnerability

AirMagnet announces that it is the only WiFi security company to provide protections from a recently discovered vulnerability in WiFi Protected Access (WPA), the security standard created by the WiFi Alliance to provide enhanced security above and beyond that of WEP.

This newly discovered vulnerability allows hackers to attack WPA protected laptops by leveraging a combination of QoS and hacking techniques previously identified in the class of exploits known as Chop-Chop Attacks. AirMagnet Enterprise provides the only industry solution to specifically detect Chop-Chop attacks and has verified the detection of the new WPA-cracking exploit, ensuring that current customers have zero-day protection from the threat without additional updates or patches.

"This new vulnerability is the exact reason why organizations need to leverage a full-time WIDS/WIPS solution to help secure and manage their wireless LAN. This exploit happens to focus on a weak link in the security chain, the client. And, it's a great example of the value our solution offers for tracking data and information while it's in the air something you wouldn't be able to detect within the infrastructure", said Chia Chee Kuan, CTO at AirMagnet. "With AirMagnet Enterprise, these types of exploits can be identified as they occur and administrators can respond in real-time to eliminate the threat."

If left undetected the exploit would allow a potential hacker to send seemingly valid messages to an unsuspecting laptop user, which could lead to a number of higher level attacks, such as Man-in-the-Middle attacks or ARP Poisoning. AirMagnet customers running version 8.0 have zero-day protection from this new exploit, while customers running older versions are encouraged to upgrade to the latest version available from

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