Cyberoam Enhances Identity-based Security

Cyberoam, a division of Elitecore Technologies, and a provider of Identity-based Unified Threat Management appliances, has announced a series of new features that deliver enhanced identity-based security, providing high appliance reliability.

Cyberoam's new features include User-MAC binding that binds a user to a computer, preventing unauthorised network access by abusing someone else's network rights; Chinese and Hindi language GUI for improving the user experience globally and crucially Threat Free Tunnelling (TFT) technology for safe and clean traffic over the VPN.

Abhilash Sonwane, VP - Product Management, Cyberoam, commented: "Cyberoam is the only security solution that can bind the computer's MAC address directly to identity, supporting organisations that need to bind a user to a physical machine. This delivers greater network security and data confidentiality. It particularly enables educational institutions and enterprises with wi-fi networks to prevent users from impersonating others and covering up their footprints by changing their IP addresses."

"Cyberoam's Threat Free Tunnelling (TFT) technology scans all VPN traffic for malware intrusions, spam and content", says Sonwane. The TFT technology allows enterprises to set identity-based policies for VPN Internet browsing and can restrict VPN access to specific networks, IP address, services and users.

The need for remote network access or VPN solutions is rapidly increasing in enterprises as more employees are doing business on the move. Organisations need a secure, threat-free remote access tunnel to ensure critical business information is exchanged over the VPN.

Cyberoam has also added multi-lingual support with its GUI now available in Chinese and Hindi languages to facilitate its rapid expansion into global markets. This has allowed it to improve the user experience in two of the largest and fastest growing markets in the world. This development will also enable Cyberoam to provide support for more languages in future versions.

Cyberoam's Active High Availability solution provides efficient, continuous access to critical applications, information, and services in organisations by minimising single point of failure. This feature allows organisations to increase their overall network uptime and performance through load balancing and failover in case of hardware failure.

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