Comodo Endpoint Security Manager Helps Businesses Cut IT Costs

In the current economic crisis, most companies look to reduce costs to balance out lower revenues. Gartner Consulting, an independent business technology research firm, recently released a study urging IT professionals to reduce their own costs by consolidating IT services.

Comodo Endpoint Security Manager (ESM) is a centralized, PC endpoint security solution that aligns with both of these recommendations. First, particularly for small organizations or workgroups which have yet to centralize their endpoint security management, Comodo Endpoint Security Manager delivers high levels of efficiency as well as exceptional PC endpoint and network security, freeing IT staff to address other critical tasks. Managing PC security one user at a time is both a significant drain on IT staff resources and a recipe for increased security risk. Second, for organizations of any size, licensing Comodo's solution is generally 50% less expensive than they are likely to be paying for a traditional endpoint security solution such as those from McAfee or Symantec.

Importantly, Comodo's solution includes Comodo Firewall Pro, a security software that has transformed the basis of endpoint security from the flawed, 25-year old detection approach employed by traditional PC security software. Comodo's focus is on prevention one that actually keeps malware from gaining access to PC system resources in the first place.

Comodo Firewall Pro recognizes more than 1,114,000 known safe executables, and its Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) challenges those it doesn't know. HIPS monitors and controls all execution paths and prevents malware from executing.

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