Verdiem Brings PC Energy Management to the Masses

Verdiem announces the availability of Edison, a free energy monitoring application that allows eco-conscious consumers to actively control their PC's energy consumption and their household's carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. As part of a global campaign against PC energy waste, Verdiem is launching Edison in the UK to help Brits save up to 80 percent of the energy used by their desktop computer, just as Edison users in the US are saving an average of 30 per year and 325 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions per PC.

Made for the Microsoft Windows operating system, Edison enhances existing PC power settings and provides a consumer-friendly interface that is easy to set up and manage. Edison, supported by the Climate Savers Computing Initiative, and Microsoft, is a tool for PC users to support Climate Saver Computing's goals to save energy and fight climate change by reducing carbon dioxide emissions from homes across the UK. Verdiem is challenging PC users to "do their part" and download 10 million free copies of Edison (approximately 1 percent of the global PC population).

It's an issue

While much of the IT industry has focused on data centre energy efficiency, the world's more than 1 billion PCs are an unexpected drain of energy and source of resulting carbon emissions. Specifically, PCs energy consumption equates to an average of 450 kilograms of carbon dioxide per PC. With 22.7 million consumer PC users in the UK, Brits who download and install Edison will make a significant contribution to reducing carbon emission.

"PCs are the hidden energy wasters of the home and most users have no idea that they are needlessly throwing away 80 percent of their PC's energy", said Allison Cornia, Vice President Product Management, Verdiem. "If just 1 percent of all PCs used Edison we could potentially reduce environmental impacts by 3.2 million metric tons of CO2, which is equal to taking approximately 600,000 cars off the road. By finding ways to embed offsets in our daily life even something as simple as downloading software we will create permanent reductions in energy use and have a huge impact on our environment and resource sustainability."

Power in numbers

Verdiem, Climate Savers Computing Initiative and Microsoft aim to empower individual PC users to understand the energy and environmental impacts of PC power management and take control of their power efficiency. This is part of a larger vision to encourage the UK public to reduce CO2 emissions in both their work and home lives.

Microsoft is asking its Windows users to augment current PC power settings with Edison software. "Microsoft is committed to environmental sustainability. Part of this commitment includes forging global partnerships and developing innovative software solutions that enable people to reduce their impact on the environment", said Mary-Anne King, Environment Sustainability Manager, Microsoft UK. "We are pleased to collaborate with Verdiem and Climate Savers Computing to introduce Edison, a free PC energy management solution, to the UK. With a proven enterprise PC energy management solution, SURVEYOR, Verdiem demonstrated the ability to deliver excellent customer solutions and now with Edison, consumers can reduce their household greenhouse gas emissions and control energy costs."

Verdiem and Microsoft are both members of the Climate Savers Computing Initiative, a nonprofit group of eco-conscious consumers, businesses and conservation organisations committed to reducing the power consumption of PCs and servers. The organisation recognizes the value and importance of PC power management and its potential effects.

"Recent studies predict PC ownership will quadruple to 4 billion and double emissions by 2020, so implementing PC energy management solutions at home and in the workplace is a vital component of climate protection", said Lorie Wigle, President of the Climate Savers Computing Initiative. "Tools like Edison can help consumers control and monitor their PC's energy intake and make a real difference in the way they manage the power consumption of the technology they use."

Edison Features

Edison offers a simple solution for the individual PC user. The software features include:
- Scheduling allows users to identify work and non-work schedules to optimise power schemes based on when the PC is in use or on standby.
- Settings provides several options of desired power savings and settings. Simply choose the most appropriate and it applies 24x7x365.
- Estimated Savings Reports offers information that correlates PC power settings to money, kWh and CO2 savings.
- Intuitive User Interface easy to use sliding bars help consumers choose settings and instantly see the power and monetary savings. Clearly marked tabs help users navigate through the interface.

Edison is available today at no cost. To download the solution, and reduce your household's greenhouse gas emissions please visit this page.

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