Secerno Teams Up with F5 Networks

Secerno announces a partnership with F5 Networks to offer enterprises comprehensive application security and traffic monitoring at both the web and database tier to identify attacks and optimise application functionality.

Secerno DataWall interoperability with F5's BIG-IP Application Security Manager (ASM) has been verified by F5 which means that Secerno DataWall's database activity monitoring and database policy enforcement appliances now integrate with F5's BIG-IP ASM to provide enterprises with an end-to-end, layer 7 application and database security solution.

The integration of Secerno DataWall and F5's ASM gives application business owners and security professionals the peace-of-mind that their applications have comprehensive threat protection. This includes protection of the core database assets whether they are accessed via a web application or not. With real-time instantaneous remediation channels for application code and database transactions, this is an ideal solution for regulated environments with technically diverse applications to protect.

The integration offers the following key functionality:
BIG-IP ASM and Secerno DataWall will share common reporting for web-based attempts to gain access to sensitive data, subvert the database or execute DoS (Denial of Service) attacks against the database.
Where attacks are detected, the identity of the user and the context of the attack will be shared between BIG-IP ASM and Secerno DataWall, meaning that subsequent attacks from the same user can be prevented, diverted or rendered inert before the application can be touched.
Sharing user identity to allow deeper, more granular policies which lead to better compliance reports, database activity monitoring (DAM) events and user controls.

Secerno DataWall is the most precise database activity monitoring and policy enforcement solution available, enabling enterprises to respond to threats to their databases in real-time through its unique blocking capabilities, giving organisations full visibility and control over out-of-policy activity.

F5's BIG-IP ASM delivers comprehensive protection for web applications and operational infrastructure. It employs an auto-adaptive approach to application delivery security, where the security policy is automatically updated based on observed traffic patterns. This simplified approach to configuration makes implementation and maintenance easier, reducing the overall total cost of ownership.

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