Revolver Releases FreeSpin3D

Revolver announces the release of its patent pending product, FreeSpin3D. FreeSpin3D is the first commercial solution for importing and real-time rendering of 3D Models into Adobe Flash. The FreeSpin3D (Beta version) was successfully implemented by more than 10,000 flash developers and designers around the world.

FreeSpin3D is the first software that makes 3D development simple, fast, and effective, enabling all Flash designers and developers to create real time 3D content. With FreeSpin3D, designers and developers can add dynamic 3D graphics to their 2D environment-based online games, animations, advertisements, web design, entertainment and interactive content.

Until now, developers looking to add 3D elements to their Flash movies were forced to use prerendered elements to import their 3D content into Flash. This time-consuming process requires a fully rendered frame-by-frame rendition, increasing file size and reducing interactivity. FreeSpin3D is the first program to cut out this lengthy process by enabling the display and management of 3D objects directly within the Adobe Flash work space, using the FreeSpin3D Action Script interface. Once the developer imports 3D models into FreeSpin3D, it manipulates and compiles them into a data structure suitable for 3D object rendering in Adobe Flash. This overall process strengthens the interaction between the user, the developer and the 3D object, creating simple and powerful 3D in Flash.

Some of the main FreeSpin3D features are:
Auto 3D tweening;
Live 3D preview on the Flash stage;
Z depth sorting;
3D Physics/behaviors;
Access to 3D ActionScript API;
Flash Timeline support;
Optimized for commercial use and distribution in terms of CPU, RAM, and file size efficiency.

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