business 'Donít Group All Gays Together'

The online dating industry should beware of grouping all gay communities together as it shows a lack of understanding for the complexities, nuances of and niches of the market, according to online dating expert, Ross Williams of (WLD).

WLD, which provides the backend system requirements for brands and individuals to start their own online dating communities, has seen a 300% growth in same-sex relationships websites. Recent additions include sites like:, and

Ross Williams, co-founder and Chairman, WLD, said: "The same sex sector has really exploded over the years but we always advise anyone who is considering launching a same sex site to consider their demographic carefully.

"The gay community is often an afterthought in the online dating business and this results in poorly marketed, generic gay offerings. A one size fits all approach is often not appropriate. WLD works closely with its partners to make sure that each site is different so that there is something for everyone."

Greg Mosely, owner of, said: "Successful gay dating sites, much like successful non-gay dating sites, rely upon putting effort and time into targeting a particular niche. This is a highly sophisticated market and tailored, considered services are much more likely to create an affinity with its consumer and attract users who appreciate that service."

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