Comodo Congratulates President-Elect Obama

As the first African-American elected to the highest office in the United States, President-Elect Barack Obama has made history. "Comodo congratulates President-Elect Barack Obama on his historic achievement and honor", said Melih Abdulhayoglu, CEO and Chief Security Officer at Comodo. "Comodo is proud to play its small part in securing the President-Elect's website, as well as in the new transitional website,"

Obama makes history in another way. His was the first candidacy with a website secured by an SSL certificate from Comodo. In record amounts, Obama supporters donated to his campaign online. The designers and host of Obama's website, Blue State Digital, chose to use a Comodo digital certificate. The President-Elect's new site,, also is also secured by a Comodo digital certificate.

Comodo Digital certificates and Trust Logos enable secure the SSL (Transport Layer Security) transmission between Web browsers and web servers, to ensure that the user's interaction with the web site is free from eavesdroppers and helps provide assurance that the web site is who it claims to be. This security is important for electronic commerce where certificates secure financial transactions and provide identity assurance to, in this case, campaign donors.

"President-Elect Barrack Obama's decisions will affect American security", said Abdulhayoglu. "Everyone at Comodo joins in wishing him success."

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