MCB Division of Microsoft Selects a Terminology Solution from SDL

SDL announces that the Mobile Communications Business (MCB) division of Microsoft has selected a terminology solution from SDL. The SDL MultiTerm technology will provide a platform to create a centralised repository of approved terminology designed to help enhance the quality and consistency of global content for their mobile communications products in over twenty languages.

The MCB team is responsible for the international functionality, globalisation and localisation for Windows Mobile products, enabling the MCB core business to succeed in over 50 global markets. MCB needed a solution that would allow them to manage terminology for their software that runs on numerous OEM devices. In addition to managing their own internal terminology, MCB needed to integrate existing terminology from numerous OEM's.

The terminology management solution from SDL was selected because of its ability to scale to manage the large volume of multilingual terms needed by MCB and help ensure Microsoft brand consistency, which is widely regarded as one of the world's strongest brands. Ease of use was a key factor to MCB, particularly, the customisation of entries and attributes within the tool. SDL MultiTerm's ability to work in a graphical interface, incorporating both text and images, will allow the translators to better understand the devices they are translating. The system will provide access to approved terminology for translators creating global content for MCB mobile products, ensuring the consistency of product documentation in multilingual versions.

SDL is now working with MCB to implement an SDL MultiTerm solution to help centralise terminology. Through this partnership, SDL and MCB will improve business processes to achieve faster time-to-market for products, improve the accuracy and consistency of localised content, and increase global brand value.

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