3ple-Media Enhances its Mercury Mobile Multimedia Platform

3ple-Media has enhanced its Mercury mobile multimedia platform to include the embedding of advertising into mobile video clips and video streams.

Pioneering functionality enables insertion of pre-roll, post-roll and in-stream advertising, all customizable according to the requirements of the advertiser and the type of inventory in use. Moreover, the embedded advertising is interactive; for example a post-roll call to action can be clicked on to take the participant to a follow on mobile multimedia experience such as a Mobisite, a new video stream or an SMS/MMS push of information to the handset. This integrates mobile video advertising into the wider digital marketing mix while providing immediate metrics to the advertiser, content provider and mobile operator.

Internet video advertising is now the fastest-growing online advertising sector. In 2007, the US Interactive Advertising Bureau and PwC reported the US online video market at $324 million. They expect this to rise to $505m in 2008 and annual growth to reach 78.9% in 2012. Concurrently, all new mobile phones are now mobile data capable and broadband on mobile has finally arrived. Recent research by Kelsey Group in October 2008 shows that 1 in 5 people in the US & Western Europe now own a Smart Phone.

The Mercury mobile multimedia platform provides an intuitive interface for mobile multimedia service creation, compilation, advertising management, distribution, tracking and billing. User accounts are customized for 3rd parties who then distribute content and advertising via a variety of mobile data channels such as SMS, MMS, WAP, USSD and video, all of which are included on the modular platform. Multimedia content is automatically formatted and can be dynamically routed according to the capabilities of the receiving device. The Mercury DataTrack and ViralTrack modules provide real time reporting of content and advertising consumption as it is received acted on and forwarded around a network. The SubProfile database provides aggregated profiling information based on preferences and behavior for accurate profiling and efficient targeting. Mercury applications such as SMS2MMS and MyTV, a user generated video content portal, provide additional rich media advertising inventory to the Mobile Operator.

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