Pinnacle Systems Unveils Dazzle DVD Recorder

Pinnacle Systems reveals how even a novice can use Dazzle DVD Recorder to preserve the quality of their video tapes by transferring them to DVD. Dazzle DVD Recorder is a portable USB 2.0 video capture device that is bundled with Pinnacle Instant DVD Recorder software. With the plug and play simplicity of its hardware and the software step-by step guide, copying home movies from almost any video device to DVD has never been easier or faster.

These features and the low cost make Dazzle DVD Recorder a suitable solution for consumers who want to safeguard their videotaped memories on DVD but are not interested in editing them. All of the complexities have been eliminated so they don't have to worry about video capture cards, going into the operating system, or even opening the computer case.

Instantly recognized when connected to a PC USB port, the external Dazzle device can transfer video and audio signals from any analog source such as VHS tapes, analog camcorders, set-top boxes or VCRs using the RCA (Composite) or S-Video video inputs.

Once connected, Pinnacle Instant DVD Recorder software enables users to easily make an exact copy of the source video directly to a DVD. The software automatically adds DVD menus and chapter points for simple navigation. With the ability to record videos directly to DVD without copying to a hard drive, users don't have to wait while video files are first stored on their hard drive and there are no extra files to manage or delete.

DVD, the most widely used standard for delivering digital video, offers a number of key advantages over VHS, a technology that is quickly becoming obsolete:
- VHS tapes degrade with each use, DVDs don't.
- VHS quality degrades in about 10 to 15 years, even if the tapes are not played. DVD image and sound quality can last for decades.
- DVDs can be played on most DVD players-they can be enjoyed at home on a large-screen TV or when traveling on a laptop.
- In addition, since most people are replacing their VCRs with DVD players, a DVD is easier to share with friends and family.

Pinnacle Systems Dazzle DVD Recorder can be used with Windows XP (SP 2 or higher) or Windows Vista (32-bit) systems.

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