The Broadband Forum Unveils the Latest Edition of its BroadbandSuite Release Plan

The Broadband Forum, formerly the DSL Forum, has unveiled the latest edition of its BroadbandSuite Release Plan at this year's Telco TV. BroadbandSuite 3.0 provides specifications for triple-play delivered via GPON and bonded DSL over a QoS-enabled Ethernet architecture, and remote management beyond the gateway to address video and storage devices.

BroadbandSuite 2.0, released in 2007, provided a roadmap for triple-play access via ADSL2plus, but over the past 12 months, the Broadband Forum has responded to an industry need for the ability to deliver triple-play services, such as IPTV, over a variety of different access technologies.

The key capabilities of BroadbandSuite 3.0 include triple-play augmented via GPON and bonded DSL over a QoS-enabled Ethernet architecture; full support for multicast to IPTV streaming; and integrated remote management of set-top-boxes (STB) and attached storage devices.

This ability to deliver triple-play services over a number of different access technologies will give more service providers more options to offer new revenue generating services, such as IPTV, helping them to gain market share in an already competitive market.

This release also provides the specifications required to successfully remotely manage the multimedia home network. Not only does this help the provider reduce costs and time spent in the field, as it enables technicians to remotely fix faults reducing truck roll, but it also aids to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction as the majority of problems can be resolved without any inconvenience to the customer.

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