CHIL Issues Customer Hunter Version 2

UK based software company CHIL has released version 2 of their customer acquisition tool called Customer Hunter. Customer Hunter enables sales staff to bid for and close more deals by accurately analysing and comparing a prospective customers current bill against their own 'best offer' proposal. CHIL maintains a database of rival operators tariff plans to allow multiple comparisons to be made.

CHIL CEO Peter McClelland stated: "The 'best offer' can be a flexible mix of published tariff plans, discounted products, promotions and bespoke rates, in fact anything the billing systems can bill for."

He added: "It takes only a few minutes to prepare offer documents which otherwise would take days using traditional semi-manual methods, and to a far higher level of accuracy and quality."

Business Development Director Iain Maddox explained: "With Version 2 this service is now fully automated, providing the sales person with total control and eliminating the need for any back office overheads or off-line data capture."

He continued: "All data capture is now electronic using an improved user interface feature."

Peter McClelland concluded: "Version 2 now provides a rapid turnaround time of only minutes to a few hours depending upon the size and complexity of the bill data."

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