HELIOS Software Receives the 'Worth-a-Look' Award

HELIOS Software has received the prestigious "Worth-a-Look" award at Graph Expo 2008 in Chicago, Illinois, for HELIOS WebShare Manager.

Facilitating remote project collaboration, WebShare Manager adds web-based "Drag & Drop" workflow support and file synchronization to HELIOS WebShare, the web-based file access and management solution. Using any web browser, remote users can view server content in HELIOS WebShare, and drag and drop images, text, etc., straight from WebShare into an Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress document, or into a job folder, with automatic two-way synchronization of changes.

Remote document production - for any user - not just designers, can benefit from WebShare Manager Today, the network is the Internet. Employees, designers, partners, and customers expect content and services to be available anytime, anywhere via the Internet. HELIOS WebShare makes this a reality, providing a personalized portal to view and manage files, and to remotely access services.

HELIOS WebShare Manager extends this access, by adding "Drag & Drop" support, with remote synchronization, so that designers can work in their preferred manner even when working remotely. This frees creatives from the LAN tether, and makes worldwide collaboration with ad agencies, designers, and customers an anytime-anywhere reality.

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