Toshiba Premieres the World’s First Timesculpture Advert

Toshiba has cemented its commitment to leading innovation as it premieres the world's first Timesculpture advert on national television. Timesculpture is a stunning progression of the 'bullet time' technique made famous by films such as The Matrix. Rather than showing a 3D rotation of a still moment, this new filming process manipulates moving snapshots of time using Toshiba technology, redefining cinematic human movement.

The shoot was made possible via the construction of a purpose-built camera rig, weighing over half a tonne and housing 200 Toshiba Gigashot HD camcorders. Over 20 Terabytes of video data was used, taking over 336 continuous hours to process.

The pioneering technique, created by Hungry Man's Mitch Stratten, was embraced by Grey London to symbolise the step change of Toshiba's new upscaling technology, itself an important development in television history. Toshiba's new technology allows its new range of LCD TVs to 'upscale' standard-definition (SD) broadcast content - such as a Freeview TV signal or a DVD - to near high-definition (HD) quality.

With 99 percent of TV content still broadcast in standard-definition, thousands of consumers who have purchased 'HD Ready' TVs have been left confused and dissatisfied at the lack of free-to-air high definition broadcasts. Toshiba's upscaling solution bridges this gap in the market, allowing consumers to enjoy near high-definition image quality without incurring the expense of subscription-based high-definition content.

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