DBAM Systems Announces Shipment of EP Software v5.15

DBAM Systems announces shipment of EP Software v5.15, the newest version of DBAM's Intelligent Network Traffic Management software running on DBAM EP devices that gives IT and Network Managers the ability to improve network performance by up to 10,000% with no configuration necessary.

DBAM EP Software is supplied as standard with all DBAM EP Devices, and is easy to use and simple to navigate. This release of software features Proactive Acceleration, a WAN Optimisation feature that automatically discovers the network topology, automatic association of EP devices and configuration free implementation of optimisation of TCP based applications and protocols. Performance increases up to 10,000% are delivered by a combination of TCP optimisation, streamed compression and byte level data de-duplication.

A unique feature of EP devices is Intelligent Network Traffic Management that provides WAN optimisation along with Traffic Shaping and Application Acceleration, functionality normally available in 3 separate devices. This consolidation of functionality saves customers money by reducing the support required to manage Wide Area Network. Traffic Shaping allows business critical traffic access to network bandwidth at a higher priority; bulk transfers, store-forward applications and recreational traffic is then inserted or 'shaped' around this traffic to deliver close to 100% bandwidth utilisation with no loss of responsiveness for time sensitive applications.

The new update includes three optional modules that provide IT and Network teams with enhanced access and visibility across their network:
Cache based Application Acceleration for Windows File System and Microsoft Exchange.
IMView Module allows for monitoring of Internet Messenger traffic with content suppression for inappropriate conversation or loss of sensitive corporate information.
Diagnostics Module reporting on error conditions and identifies the most likely causes and provides practical suggestions to correct the errors.

It simplifies network management for IT and Network Managers of all sizes by helping to prevent persistent errors that will ultimately affect the end to end performance of Wide Area Networks leading to reduced productivity of users and more phone calls for the IT support team.

The standard version comes with basic modules that allow the network managers to:
monitor and accelerate all traffic flow activity;
control network access to bandwidth with traffic shaping;
create detailed and summary network activity reports;
apply and configure traffic shaping.

EP Software V5.15 enables Network Managers to implement Microsoft Exchange Acceleration. The software has been developed to deliver this via:
Automatic optimisation of all mail traffic;
File attachment caching;
Automated compression of ZIP files or attachments.

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