BusinessSolve Extends Pilot Trial Program for Workspace Manager

BusinessSolve is extending the Pilot Trial Program for its workspace scheduling solution, Workspace Manager, following increasing interest from organisations in the financial services, mobile operator and utility sectors. With enterprises and organisations under increasing pressure to reduce their real estate costs as the financial market's fluctuations impact businesses globally, Workspace Manager can help some companies realise real estate savings by as much as 30%, according to Advanced Workplace Associates.

With the growing threat of a serious global recession, there is now a real and immediate requirement to reduce costs either by better managing available workspace, or downsizing to smaller facilities. However, both options require new working practices to be introduced, such as flexible desking and remote working. For these working practises to operate smoothly, the deployment of a workspace scheduling solution like Workspace Manager is essential.

Companies and organisations committed to their current premises can benefit from participating in the Workspace Manager Pilot Program, as it can help facility managers optimize the efficient use of available space by up to 30%. Intuitive to use and capable of delivering ROI within just weeks, Workspace Manager is quick to deploy and simple to configure. It can be tailored to adhere to an organisation's preferred method of working, and the interface can be branded to reflect an organisation's image.

BusinessSolve solutions are already being used by enterprises and government organisations around the globe to help companies save money on real estate costs, maximize workplace assets and offer their employees a healthier work-life balance. Following extensive trials in the UK, mainland Europe and the US, the user community has stated that the cost savings in terms of real estate, energy and support services are considerable.

To help prospects realise these benefits within their organisation and to demonstrate its proof of concept, BusinessSolve offers a no-obligation trial of its solutions. To apply for the trial of BusinessSolve solutions which are a fraction of the cost of competitor offerings - please contact your local BusinessSolve office.

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