Xtract Announces the Winners and the Finalists of ‘Your Social Network’ Student Design Art School Competition

How does your Social Network look like? This was the theme of Xtract's Art School Competition where five international design schools from London, Helsinki, Tokyo, New York and San Francisco were invited to participate. Xtract announces the winners and the finalists of the competition after a jury's meeting was held on 28th of October 2008 at Helsinki University of Art and Design, UIAH. To see the works of art visit this page.

Saku Heinänen, MA, Lecturer, Graphic Design, UIAH says: "The winners are good examples of student work. They have strong and clear messages, which are presented in an attractive manner. They work well as large posters, but are also applicable for other products, for example online presentations. The outcome of the competition was very positive."

Xtract's goal with the competition was to find new ways of viewing and displaying the real social networks of people who communicate, not just buddies on social networking websites. As human beings we are very social and networking species and so, social networks have existed since the beginning of the civilization. By utilizing the deep understanding of social interactions between people, Xtract derives valuable information from mobile operatrors' large user data flows. Xtract's products help mobile operators to deeply understand their customers' social networks and accurately target their marketing and advertising initiatives.

The winners are as follows:
- First prize: Dancers by Katri Tikkanen, University of Art and Design Helsinki, Finland. This work was an excellent example of the representation of a personal, real network. People are connected by a common interest and graphically by the shoe laces. The hidden typography adds an extra dimension. A Great execution of the brief overall.
- Shared 2nd prize: Network Mike Integrity by Michał Sęk, Akademia Sztuk Pięknych w Warszawie, Warsaw, Poland. This was a pure and simple, strong image of a network. It interestingly combined very different individuals. Lively drawing, works surely in big size, too.
- Shared 2nd prize: 1r0nmaid3n by Stefania Passera, University of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finland. The overall image is pleasing and beautiful with excellent graphic execution A clear medallist.
- Honorary diploma: Rock, social colors of my life by Jacek Walesiak, Akademia Sztuk Pięknych w Warszawie, Warsaw, Poland. This work was more controversial and cryptic than the medallists. Intriguing and personal.

Finalists in a random order:
- Network_Mike_Mind_Identity by Michał Sękh;
- Hex004 by Jan Estarda-Osmycki;
- ME8449 by Eva Neeseman;
- Stay at the Surface by Jue Feng;
- Toqueville by Veronika Schmidt;
- Bookclub by Kirsti Maula;
- Colorslide by Liisa and Lotta Nieminen;
- Codename City 2 by XXXX?;
- Reading together by Wensi Zhai;
- 23PR by Paulina Rek.

- First prize: 1800 €
- Shared second prizes: 500 € each

Participating schools are:
- London School of Communications, London, UK
- University of Art and Design Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland
- Akademia Sztuk Pieknych w Warsawie, Warsaw, Poland
- Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, USA
- California College of the Arts, San Francisco, USA
- Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan.

- Saku Heinänen, MA, Lecturer, Graphic Design, UIAH
- Ilona Ilottu, MA, Graphic designer, illustrator
- Alan Moore, Member of the board, Xtract
- Christoffer Langenskiöld, User experience designer, Xtract.

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