Kognitio Announces a DaaS Seminar

Kognitio announces a new seminar aimed at helping organisations weather the current economic climate and become more flexible and agile by adopting the latest delivery model for data warehousing technology: DaaS or Data Warehousing as a Service. Taking place in London's Canary Wharf on 11th December, the event will feature speakers from Kognitio, KXEN, Segmetrix, and Curt Monash of Monash Research.

Aimed at CEOs, CTOs, CIOs and data warehousing professionals, the seminar will discuss how DaaS allows businesses to gain actionable intelligence from their data without the need for the million-pound upfront investments in hardware, software and services that are associated with traditional on-site data warehouses. Featuring practical technology demonstrations as well as presentations, the seminar will show how:
users can be up and running in just days, not months;
analytical performance will be at least 40 times faster than with other databases;
unlimited data warehousing performance can change a business.

The ability to gather, store and analyse corporate and customer information is key to businesses looking to stay one step ahead of the game and with DaaS, challenging times need not become a hurdle in the achievement of this objective. The 'on-demand' delivery model offers strong benefits such as immediate (CAPEX) and ongoing (OPEX) savings, and the availability of the latest developments in data warehousing technologies.

The seminar will feature the following speakers:
Curt Monash, Principal Analyst, Monash Research;
Roger Gaskell, CTO, Kognitio;
Amr Hassan, CEO, Segmetrix;
Dr Stuart Clarke, Senior Consultant, KXEN.

Throughout the seminar attendees will learn about:
data warehousing technologies options and how they can deliver results without costing the earth;
instant gratification deploying a data warehouse architecture in just 48 hours;
performance to burn with scalable architectures fast;
a range of different pricing and cost models;
developing their last ever data mart;
rapidly extracting valuable information from their data.

In addition, an optional workshop will take place in the afternoon, where in a series of round table discussions Kognitio, Segmetrix and KXEN will offer further information around DaaS. Attendance is free.

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