Now Consumers Test Their PC Security Free

For most people, attending to personal computer security rates right up there with changing their smoke detector batteries, or checking their moles. They install a firewall, and consider themselves to be duly diligent if they run antivirus scans regularly.

Members of are more vigilant. Not only do they take pride in having the strongest protection from malicious software. As experts, they also share their knowledge with others. is a site for independent ratings of PC security software. On the site, users can now download one of the largest collections of computer security tests anywhere to test their firewall and antivirus software. The tests deliberately attempt to bypass a user's security software by simulating the techniques used by real world malware such as Trojans and viruses. Based on the results, they rate their computer security software.

The site was designed to be both a testing and education resource for users. It includes:
- Detailed and technical explanations about firewall leak tests and HIPS testing;
- Downloads of individual and batch security individual tests;
- Information on other people's test results and comments;
- The ability to become part of the Test My PC Security testing community.

Based on the results of these tests, users can also take remedial action to correct the problems.

As a sponsor of the project, Comodo Security Solutions provides infrastructure support such as hosting the website and the community discussion forum. Comodo has no influence over the results of individual tests and, other than purely hosting the community and website, does not seek to control the test environment in any way. Comodo initiated the project to help make sure that end users will always have current data on how well their security products protect them.

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