Capacity Planning is a Key Factor for Managing Data Centers

Neptuny announces that a poll carried out at the Gartner Data Center Summit in Amsterdam found that 93% of companies are interested in implementing Capacity management for Cloud Computing or Virtualization.

"The growing importance for managing Data Centers in a more effective and efficient way is driving demand for Capacity Management", comments Neptuny's Business Development Manager, Giuseppe Nardiello. "Indeed, Capacity Management tools are recognized as essential for enabling IT managers to rationalize, consolidate and plan IT infrastructures while keeping the business going and adhering to SLAs. At both the Gartner Symposium / ITexpo in Orlando and the Gartner Data Center Summit in Amsterdam in October, many analysts urged the attendees to adopt such tools to better manage their data centers."

One of the main reasons for this growing interest in Capacity Management is the adoption of the Cloud Computing paradigm in order to reduce costs in enterprise infrastructures, hardware and IT operations and to cope with the increasingly dynamic nature of IT environments and business needs. While during the first stages of the now widespread adoption of virtualization technologies, Capacity Planning was perceived as no longer required, companies have now realized that it is actually a key factor in safely adopting virtualization initiatives.

Capacity Management is also recognized as a key factor for enabling "Green IT" initiatives. Rakesh Kumar, Research VP at Gartner, has introduced the notion of a Data Center as a living organism and repeatedly mentioned Capacity Management among the key factors to be taken into account in order to manage the Data Center of the future. "Tomorrow's datacenter is moving from being static to becoming a living organism, where modeling and measuring tools will become one of the major elements of its management", said Kumar.

"We have received huge interest in our Caplan product from companies who want to maximize the benefit of virtualization on their IT infrastructure. Our Solution Provider Session on the 'ROI of Capacity Planning' was warmly received", commented Nardiello. "We expect to receive the same level of positive reaction at the Gartner Data Center Summit in Las Vegas next month were we will present some further Caplan features for supporting capacity planning for virtualized environments".

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