Cobweb Provides Papa John’s Pizzas with Internal Communications Solution ‘to Go’

Papa John's pizza emporium has outsourced all its internal communications to Cobweb Solutions to streamline e-contact with its 100 branches across the UK and Ireland. Cobweb manages and provides support for all email and intranet functionality, enabling Papa Johns' to concentrate on delivering fantastic customer service and providing top quality food instead of wasting time administering and overseeing its IT.

Using Microsoft's Hosted Exchange Services Cobweb is providing Papa John's with an outsourced email facility that is enabling each branch to communicate directly with the company's HQ, also know as the Restaurant Support Centre (RSC). Using the system, the RSC can send information on new products, training and menu changes whilst local branches can email requests for additional support and extra information.

Previously, the RSC had to rely on branch managers using personal email addresses from their home PC or laptop, which made it very difficult to identify which branch was getting in touch and impossible to maintain regular contact. The new system gives every shop its own email address, relating to their location e.g. enabling the RSC to identify immediately who is getting in contact. The system is accessible via the branches' electronic point of sale allowing employees to send and read emails without leaving the counter unattended.

Cobweb is also providing Papa Johns' with an internal intranet through Microsoft's Sharepoint solution, which the company is using to store communication documents, such as FAQs, training guides and 'How to' information. The system can be accessed by all employees at anytime as a self-serve facility ensuring that all users are working from the most current version of each document.

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