Expressivo Lends its Voice to Microsoft Word

IVO Software has presented the latest version of Expressivo 1.4.4 which integrates with Microsoft Word 2007. Since now this word processor can read texts with a human voice. With Expressivo you can also listen to text highlighted on a computer screen. The popularity and rapid development of this application have been possible thanks to the IVONA text-to-speech system.

Expressivo, speaking with a natural voice, may be used to read out subtitles. Expressivo is most frequently used to create audio books, to watch movies with voice-overs, to listen to information on websites and to learn foreign languages (not only on a computer but also on portable MP3 players). It also facilitates communication with popular applications MS Outlook, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird and Skype. What is more, you can decide with which voice Expressivo will talk to you a Polish-speaking one (Jacek and Ewa) or an English-speaking one (Jennifer and Eric).

Expressivo is able to read text from virtually any source from the simplest word processor, through Web browsers to sophisticated databases and spreadsheets. It is enough to highlight a piece of text and choose "read" in the "select and read" window.

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