BASF First Customer to Deploy aspenONE Using Microsoft Application Virtualization Technology

Aspen Technology announces that the first deployment of aspenONE using Microsoft Application Virtualization was completed by long-time customer BASF.

The world's leading chemical company used Microsoft virtualisation to accelerate how quickly its worldwide process engineering team can begin using and realising value from new releases and updates to the aspenONE Process Engineering suite.

BASF engineers throughout the world have used aspenONE for years to quickly create higher quality process modeling simulations, costing and sizing activities, which improves plant design and optimises production.

Now, BASF can achieve additional IT and operational cost savings and faster performance improvements, leveraging Microsoft Application Virtualization.

Microsoft's virtualisation technology decouples applications from operating systems and runs software as network services, making applications available whenever and wherever they are needed even when disconnected from the network.

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