TuringSMI Telecoms Division Launches the SID Data Model for Atrium CMDB

TuringSMI Telecoms Division has launched the SID Data Model for Atrium CMDB, enabling Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to manage their IT and telecoms network infrastructure more coherently, improving efficiency and reducing service interruption. CSPs can now view and manage key data from both their telecoms and IT infrastructures in a single powerful model.

CSPs have long wrestled with the issues of service modelling, and change and configuration management, due to the complexity of data across both the IT and telecoms domains. The SID Data Model for Atrium CMDB from TuringSMI extends the CSP's service management capability with industry-standard classes for both the Resource and Service domains within an OSS infrastructure. Unifying the key network and IT domain datasets in a single CMDB dramatically improves data visibility, management and manipulation, thereby improving modelling capability and reducing service interruptions through better process management. CSPs can use the new unified model with their existing ITIL-based service management applications such as Service Desk, Change Management and Asset Management and so facilitate the movement towards a more harmonised eTOM &ITIL process framework.

The SID Data Model for Atrium CMDB is the first in a number of product announcements from TuringSMI Telecoms Division over the coming months.

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