Secerno Launches World’s First Database Security Solution

Secerno has announced the availability of its Secerno.SQL database activity monitoring and blocking solution as a virtualised appliance on the Vmware platform. This marks the first availability of its appliance-based database protection in a virtualised environment, allowing enterprises the same database protection afforded by hardware yet with the utilisation, management and cost benefits of a virtualised application.

Secerno's decision to add a virtualised database protection product, powered by its patent-pending SynoptiQ technology, is a response to increased customer demand and a growing trend by organisations to consider virtual environments as part of their infrastructure. Providing database security in a virtual environment gives organisations greater resource utilisation, faster deployment times and the flexibility to have capability and capacity on-demand. With this offering, organisations can choose to deploy Secerno hardware appliances or take the benefits of Vmware deployments without any impact to performance or manageability.

Secerno chose Vmware's technology platform based on Vmware's penetration into more than 20,000 corporate customers. Vmware will allow Secerno to offer full support for virtualised environments as well as roll-out protection through virtual appliances, enabling organisations to cost effectively protect a large number of databases. Enterprises will still have the full benefits of Secerno.SQL and will be able to deploy database protection quickly and manage all databases from a central point.

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