Backing up Backswings

Backing up laptops can be a scary thought for many people. In a recent survey compiled by Databarracks, 30% of respondents claim to find backing up laptops to be the most challenging backup task they face. With the pace of business today, laptops and other mobile devices have become more prominent as components of 'mobile offices' used from home, while in transit, or at remote sites. Ensuring that data on these electronics is secure is increasingly more important as vital data is created, utilized, and shared every day.

As the golf coach of Nick Dougherty, one of the leading players on the European Tour, who is currently vying for a spot on the European Ryder Cup Team, Damian Taylor is constantly on the move; and when he is on location, he takes his laptop with him. With today's technology, a huge part of coaching involves using high quality aids to demonstrate and examine different aspects of the golf swing.

It would not be feasible for Damian to save his data and videos to portable storage devices or DVD's which he would then be required to transport, coordinate, and laboriously search through when looking for a particular item. Instead, the solution involves using online backup, which allows Damian to send encrypted backups of his data securely over the internet from anywhere in the world to Databarracks' Tier 4 ISO 27001 ex-NATO Bunker, where it is held safely ready for him until he requests it to be restored to his laptop. The Arxcis software Databarracks uses is fully automated and supported by Databarracks' technical experts 24/7/365 online, on the phone, or remotely on site.

Data is saved in Databarracks' vaults even if Damian decides not to keep it stored on his laptop at all times. This means that when he deletes data from his local memory on his laptop, he can rest assured that Databarracks will hold copies of it until he instructs them to destroy the data. A further benefit of storing data in Databarracks' vaults is that all data is conveniently consolidated in one place where it can be accessed easily as soon as Damian needs it.

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