Home Femtocells Set to Unleash Potential of the 3G Phone

Home femtocells are allowing mobile operators to deliver a personal 3G signal that will unleash the full potential of the latest phones, according to a new briefing paper from femtocell developer ip.access. The combination of excellent voice quality, higher data speeds, longer battery life, plus simple connectivity and lower costs means that femtocells are now set to enable the very best user experience positioning 3G phones to become the hub of in-home entertainment and internet connectivity.

UK-based pioneer in cellular-over-IP, ip.access, has released its new briefing paper for mobile network operators 'Introducing 3G femtocells successfully to the home' which explores how innovative mobile operators can create new femtocell-based offerings that will revolutionise the way that customers use a mobile phone at home. The new handbook draws on ip.access' extensive experience in deploying capacity and coverage solutions for mobile operators. Key topic areas covered include: typical customer usage profiles and end user benefits; adoption sweetspots; next generation 'Connected Home' femtocell applications; operator service benefits and business cases; industry analyst viewpoints; technical implementation success factors, and much more.

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