Skuku Adds USB Handset to Its Lineup of Roaming Solutions

Skuku has announced the addition of a USB handset device to its existing Skuku phone product lineup, independent of and unrelated to any cellular operator. This solution combines GSM technology with the Internet and enables any user with an Internet connection to make VoIP calls and send text messages using his own SIM card and personal computer. The Skuku handset comes as an addition to the Skuku stick which was launched earlier this year.

Skuku is a USB handset or USB stick which, once a SIM-card has been inserted, allows the user to pay only their local airtime charges when making and receiving calls from their home country. Skuku phone transforms the user's PC into his personal mobile phone, keeping all of the phone's features and allowing low-cost VoIP and text messaging. The user keeps their own personal phone number and enjoys all the other features of their mobile phone, including contact lists and text messaging. Skuku phone also enables receiving and making of international calls from anywhere in the world at low IP tariffs, while inter-network calls are free between Skuku users. The Skuku phone now allows users to enjoy the added convenience of using an actual phone-like handset to make and receive calls from their PC.

Skuku handset device follows the launch of the Skuku stick, Skuku's original solution to eliminating roaming charges. Skuku stick is a USB device, which once a SIM-card is inserted into it and is placed in the user's PC, offers the same benefits as Skuku phone.

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