Clearleft Launches Silverback

Clearleft has announced the launch of Silverback – its lightweight application that opens up quick and cost-effective usability testing to companies of all sizes.

The new application, aimed at Web designers and developers, allows businesses to ensure their sites are as easy to use as possible, based on user feedback, without the cost and timeframes associated with traditional usability testing.

Rather than having to employ a dedicated facility or mobile kit for guerrilla testing, Silverback uses a standard laptop to run test sessions that capture all onscreen activity, audio and video feeds from the computer's built-in camera, and then composites the data into one movie for export.

As a result, designers and developers can conduct the testing anywhere – whether in a café, spare meeting room or at a conference – and then quickly see and analyse what users are doing on screen, hear what they are saying as part of a 'think aloud' test and view their reactions.

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