Truphone Phases in Important New Service Improvements

Truphone has phased in important new service improvements that ensure its customers need never run out of credit again. The improvements are fourfold:
- customers can now easily top-up (refill their credit) while on the move, via either handset screen-optimised web pages or an automated telephone top-up service;
- customers may set their account to 'auto top-up', in which case their credit is automatically refilled when credit has fallen to a specified level;
- Truphone now sends 'low balance' SMS alerts to customers as their credit starts to exhaust;
- payments may also now be made via a wider variety of credit and debit cards.

The top-up improvements benefit all Truphone customers, including users of Truphone for the Apple iPhone. Designed to provide low-priced international calls for iPhone users, Truphone hit Apple's new App Store on July 11th and was the first internet telephony application available for the iPhone.

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