Beta Version of Gizmox's VWG Supports Microsoft Silverlight

Gizmox, the developer of Visual WebGui open source platform, has announced the release of a fully functional beta version of its Visual WebGui (VWG) with support for Microsoft Silverlight. For the first time VWG enables Silverlight for enterprise applications by providing a RAD like Windows Forms development experience with drag & drop design that cuts development cycles by as much as 90%.

Gizmox's VWG further extends Silverlight with a very powerful and secured-by-design thin (empty) client GUI that makes Silverlight effective for heavy data centric applications. Silverlight over VWG maintains all its original richness and can be fully styled with Microsoft Expression Blend.

VWG combines Microsoft's development tools & platforms stack (ASP.NET deployment model, Windows Forms development methodologies, Visual Basic-style designer, Windows Presentation Foundation concepts, and Silverlight rich graphics and the .NET Framework in the client) to achieve a productive new environment. VWG provides a quick and efficient, no retooling, no relearning migration path for Microsoft developers, into the Silverlight technology with unprecedented ROI. An even higher ROI can be achieved with yet another VWG build in capability, migrating existing desktop Visual Basic 6 and Windows Forms application to Silverlight without rewrite, or Model View Controller (MVC) structured applications without reengineering.

An application designed with VWG, can be dually deployed with DHTML or Silverlight presentation layers side by side, switchable by a "button push". It allows access from standard browser or Silverlight and this way allows access for both users.

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