Mistral Brings New Static Analysis Solution for C# to India

Mistral Solutions has announced the availability of Coverity Prevent for C# from Coverity, leaders in advanced source code analysis solutions. Coverity Prevent is automated approach to identifying and resolving source code defects and sets the standard for improving software integrity. Coverity Prevent for C# offers the deepest and most accurate C# source code analysis available with the lowest false positive rate, enabling development teams to ensure superior code quality at the earliest stage in the development life cycle.

Specially designed for detecting defects in applications built on Microsoft's .NET framework, Coverity Prevent for C# offers automatic defect detection to developers programming in C# by analyzing large, complex C# code bases and detecting critical, must-fix defects that could lead to system failures, memory corruption, unpredictable behavior, and performance degradation. It seamlessly handles features of the C# language such as operator overloading, properties, and idioms for iteration and resource management. Prevent for C# also automatically finds third party .NET assemblies to ensure a complete analysis result, no matter how complex the application.

Coverity prevent for C# provides 100% path coverage, ensuring that all possible execution branches are followed, while avoiding impossible paths to maintain fast execution. Its low false positive rates (15%) keep development teams productive, with more time to focus on inspecting defects that will result in noticeable quality improvements. Prevent's Defect Manager provides a comprehensive workflow platform that allows teams to collaboratively view analysis results, triage defects, assign ownership, and more.

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