VeriFone Contactless Payment Solution Honoured at the ERSA

VeriFone Holdings announces that its contactless payment solution has been honoured at the recent European Retail Solutions Awards (ERSA) 2008. The Payment Solution Award cited the installation of the first fully-integrated contactless payment system within a UK retail environment and was jointly awarded to sandwich retailer EAT and solution providers VeriFone, Commidea and Common Sense EPoS.

Using a VeriFone Vx 510 countertop payment system running Commidea's pre-certified Ocius software combined with VeriFone's contactless reader, the integrated solution was developed to offer customers at EAT with options to pay in the way that suits them best, by cash, contactless card, or via Chip and PIN. For contactless transactions of 10 and under, customers can pay simply by waving a 'touch and go' card against the contactless reader the whole process takes less than a second.

The contactless system has proved popular and has dramatically reduced queue waiting times, allowing customers to pay quickly and conveniently.

EAT's first integrated contactless solution was installed at its Moorgate branch, London. Since then, 200 VeriFone contactless readers have been installed in EAT stores in the greater London area, with an additional 200 readers expected to be deployed in the near future.

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