Navman Helps Revellers Find Their Way to 2008ís Music Festivals

GPS pioneer Navman shows festival goers how they can make the most of their Navman sat-nav device when hot-footing it to this year's music festivals. With many festival sites not associated with a post code, often appearing in obscure locations, Navman's unique and exciting NavPix technology allows users to navigate direct to the festival site using specially formatted or geo-tagged images of Music Festivals. While Navman's Local Search service, provides access to vital local amenities, such as the nearest petrol station, supermarket or B&B using a local directory search partner.

The NavPix technology works by cleverly adding the coordinates of a destination onto an image of the chosen building or landscape, which is then saved onto the Navman device. Once stored, users simply scroll through their album, choose a destination via the image and Navman calculates the best route. Navman has created a dedicated Music Festivals 2008 NavPix album, available for music fans to view, share and download geo-tagged images via the NavPix Library.

To join the NavPix community, Navman users can upload their own geo-tagged images or digital images (provided with location information) to to create their own geo-tagged albums. As the NavPix Library also allows users to download and share thousands of images with others around the world, Navman invites festival goers to contribute from their own festival experience by uploading local POI images for others to navigate to next year.

Upcoming Music Festivals include:
- Benicassim Festival - Spain, 17-20 July;
- Summercase Festival - Madrid, 18-19 July;
- Global Gathering - UK, 25-26 July;
- Green Man festival - Wales, 15-17 August;
- Electric Picnic Festival - Ireland, 29-31 August;
- Bestival - Isle of Wight, 5-7 September.

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