Textic Announces the Commercial Launch of Talklets

Textic has announced the commercial launch of Talklets, the Web 2.0 service that 'voice enables' text-based Web content. Talklets allows companies and organisations to offer website visitors the option to have text 'read' to them immediately in a range of natural voices, or converted to an MP3 file for consumption at another time, and on any compatible device.

Talklets is commercial software as a service (SaaS) model for TTS. Website owners simply need to insert a few lines of code into the web pages they wish to voice enable to create the necessary links to Textic's server platform, which then dynamically converts selected text to a streaming audio file. With minimal time lag, typically within one second, the user hears the text read to them by one of a number of predefined voices which closely approximate natural speech. Alternatively, the user can opt to have the selected text converted to an MP3 file which is then downloaded and saved for later use or transferred to, for example, an iPod or mobile phone. Bespoke implementations allow for the development of brand-specific voices which are developed by sampling an individual's speech patterns.

Talklets implementations are available for small and medium sized businesses, enterprises, public sector organisations and OEMs. Flexible pricing models relate to site traffic and the level of customisation required. For companies operating in multiple geographies, Textic offers a range of male and female voices in major languages including English (UK & US), French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Greek and Welsh.

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