Enterprise Adoption of SOA Has 'Crossed the Chasm'

A new global survey issued has suggested that enterprise adoption of service-oriented architecture (SOA) has 'crossed the chasm'. Users also identified SOA governance as a key component of sustainable implementations with holistic, lifecycle approaches viewed as a core requirement. However, the overall maturity of their adoption was regarded as moderate with the state of their governance practices considered lacking.

According to the survey, more than 90% of respondents indicated some level of SOA planning underway within their organisations. More than half of all enterprises have already implemented successful SOA-based projects and/or an enterprise-wide SOA. Respondents also reported considerable satisfaction with their progress to date. Less than 10% were explicitly unhappy with their results so far as satisfaction with SOA beat dissatisfaction by a four-to-one margin. Among those reporting having an enterprise-wide SOA in place, approximately two-thirds said that they were satisfied with their results to date with the remainder reporting that it was 'too early to tel'.

The survey also found that users overwhelming view governance as being a key component to creating sustainable SOA implementations at the enterprise level with over 90% reporting that it was either critically (54%) or moderately important. Despite this importance, nearly two-thirds rate their own SOA governance practices as either 'non-existent' or 'insufficient'. Among the best practices identified by the survey was the importance of having a SOA Competency Center or Center of Excellence in place to build cross-organisational support for these initiatives. Somewhat surprisingly, the survey also found that senior IT management appeared to be missing from these discussions with less than 20% enjoying active support from the Office of the CIO as just one example.

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