Low-Priced International Calling Comes to the iPhone

Designed to provide low-priced international calls for Apple iPhone users, Truphone for the iPhone hits Apple's new App Store. Truphone enables an iPhone to make calls to any number over the internet instead of over GSM, at Truphone's fabulous internet rates. The rates are especially competitive for international calls, including landlines in 40 countries at GBP0.03 (USD0.06) per minute and mobiles at GBP0.15 (USD0.30) per minute. To Canada, the USA and China, even calls to mobiles are GBP0.03 (USD0.06) per minute.

Making a call using Truphone is exactly like making any other call on the iPhone: a single touch to bring the dialler up on the touch screen, touch-dial the number or choose from the iPhone's own address book, and a touch to start the call.

Truphone for the iPhone is available to download from Apple's new App Store for free.

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