LSI Expands Support for Microsoft Silverlight

LSI has announced the expansion of its offering to include content processing solutions for the Microsoft Silverlight platform. Initially based on video acceleration technology, the offering will now include the LSI Tarari family of content processor solutions. This family is a set of solutions providing security, quality of service, content-based billing and bandwidth management functions. The addition of these hardware acceleration technologies enhances Silverlight to provide high-performance networking, storage, audio and video capabilities in various Microsoft operating systems as well as for Linux and the Mac OS.

LSI solutions will provide additional security to enterprise and content creators while enhancing system performance with the Silverlight platform. LSI offers capabilities to Microsoft customers that result in shorter time to market in a more secure environment for developers creating complex video applications for the online video, broadcast and high definition DVD markets. The LSI-provided silicon components for Silverlight result in a more secure, high-performance system for content developers and hardware OEMs.

Previously, LSI adapted its deep packet inspection (DPI) technology to create a deep frame inspection (DFI) capability. Now, Microsoft customers can take full advantage of the content processing capability as well. While DPI looks for viruses and intrusive code in packets, DFI examines each frame of video to calculate what has changed from the previous frame. The combined result is a compressed video stream up to 10 to 1 that enables richer video formats such as high definition to be streamed over the Internet or corporate networks yet saved securely and efficiently on storage systems while still maintaining a high level of video quality.

Web developers now can design new applications that efficiently include secured video content that can be merged with live data to create a layered application of multiple data types. Previously, it was time consuming to create and secure those applications because of the long encoding time for video objects. The implementation of LSI technology in Silverlight enables acceleration of the underlying Microsoft Windows Media codec while maintaining a high degree of secure video quality for standard or high definition output on a fully compliant, production ready, Windows Media VC-1-based codec software development kit (SDK) platform.

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