Velocix Announces P2P+

Velocix has announced its P2P+ initiative, a new offering for developers of commercial P2P media services and applications. Velocix P2P+ takes advantage of the Velocix Open Platform which is designed from the ground up to provide global delivery services for video, software and games over the Internet. What sets the Velocix Open Platform apart from many traditional CDN providers is that it is optimised to work with P2P technologies. Velocix blends the cost and scalability advantages of P2P with the quality of service benefits of a cacheing network. With this announcement, Velocix is now opening up its network to allow independent P2P application and software providers to run on its Hybrid-P2P optimised network.

The Velocix Network is powered by advanced source selection and routing algorithms that make it possible to blend bandwidth from multiple peer sources and CDN caches to maintain the required delivery performance at the lowest possible cost.

Many existing P2P based delivery services and application providers, including Kontiki, Rawflow, MediaMelon, Babelgum, &, are already taking advantage of Velocix P2P+ and running on Velocix Open Platform to provide delivery assistance to their P2P based services and applications.

The Velocix Network is designed to enable content owners, studios, and broadcasters to deliver video and other large digital assets, such as software, games and audio over the web, with unprecedented performance, breakthrough economics and an asset delivery lifecycle management system that provides content owners the control, analytics and reporting they need to manage their asset libraries through the digital distribution chain.

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