Forum Nokia Teams with DeviceAnywhere

DeviceAnywhere has unveiled the new Forum Nokia Virtual Developer Lab (VDL) a remote testing service designed to dramatically reduce the time and resources required to develop, test, monitor, and deploy applications and content for Nokia handsets. The on-line service supports the most popular Nokia devices running on the Series 40 and S60 platforms and is available globally to all members of the Forum Nokia developer community.

Forum Nokia VDL is powered by DeviceAnywhere, an online service that provides access to real mobile handsets that are each connected to live networks. These devices are accessible remotely over the Internet, allowing members of the Forum Nokia community to meet all development, porting, testing, and monitoring needs without acquiring a physical device. DeviceAnywhere employs real, physical handsets therefore, anything that a user can do with a device in his/her hand, he/she can do with the handsets in DeviceAnywhere in real-time. This includes tasks such as pressing device buttons, tapping on touch screens, connecting/disconnecting the battery, viewing the LCD, listening to ringers and speakers, and opening/closing a handset.

DeviceAnywhere is an enabling technology that allows developers to collaborate on one project regardless of differing geographic locations. Community members can share devices among developers in different regions of the world, as well as save test results to share at a later time. This synergy empowers developers to create better, higher-quality content, as well as enables faster time-to-market.

Through the Forum Nokia Virtual Developer Lab, developers currently have access to more than 40 of Nokia's most popular devices available both in Europe and the United States with new devices continuously added. Some of Nokia's most popular in-market devices that are currently available through the VDL include the Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism, the Nokia N81 and the new, slim-formed Nokia 5310 XpressMusic. A Series 40 device, the flash-enabled Nokia 5310 XpressMusic is one of the most sophisticated music phones on the market, featuring Bluetooth stereo, memory expansion card slot and music playback buttons.

To access the Forum Nokia Virtual Developer Lab, community members simply register by selecting the Forum Nokia VDL option through DeviceAnywhere's Web site. Once registered, users are able to access Forum Nokia devices within the Virtual Developer Lab, press buttons, view LCD displays, and listen to ringers and speakers. Additional DeviceAnywhere features such as monitoring and test automation are also available on all Forum Nokia Virtual Developer Lab handsets, empowering users to more efficiently create better applications and content for the marketplace.

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