Neptuny Says Easy Content Discovery Critical to IPTV Take-Up

Neptuny says that ease of sign-up and content discovery have become critical factors in the take-up of IPTV services in various countries around the world.

"Our observations are that, whilst the industry has successfully created the infrastructure to support IPTV services on both fixed and mobile Internet services, not enough is being done to ensure an easy path for subscribers wanting to discover and use these services", said Stefano Moscetti, an IPTV specialist with Neptuny.

Moscetti's comments follow the release of a Gartner report looking at IPTV services in 18 countries and regions around the world.

The recently-released report found that, although 75 per cent of respondents had some form of pay-TV in the home, less than 25 per cent of all respondents had taken up the option to purchase a pay-per-view or video-on-demand program in the last 12 months.

Gartner's research, says Moscetti, concludes that operators need to tap into consumer behaviour and develop easier methods by which customers can subscribe to payTV programming, and so generate extra revenue from their IPTV offerings.

"This is the reason why we recently launched our ContentWise SaaS Edition, which allows smaller IPTV/WebTV operators and hybrid service providers to use our predictive content recommendation technology", he explained.

In use, says Moscetti, ContentWise generates recommendations tailored to the individual preferences and behaviour of IPTV customers based on their activities on the platform.

"Using this approach really does make it easier for operators to smooth the way for customers to discover new and exciting IPTV content and so meet Gartner's report recommendations", he said.

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