LiveTime Releases New ITIL Service Desk Virtual Appliance

LiveTime Software has released version 2.0 of its highly integrated virtual appliance consisting of its Java technology based JeOS (Just Enough Operating System) and ITIL Service Management software. With support for both Sun xVM and VMware, LiveTime leverages the power of both virtualization architectures at both the desktop and server levels.

LiveTime has improved the performance of its JeOS by approximately 20% and has decreased the memory overhead to 128Mb, enabling higher concurrency and increasing the number of virtual machines per server. This is particularly important for SaaS providers who deploy separate LiveTime instances per client and for multi-tenant requirements. The appliance also includes support for symmetric multiprocessing for optimal performance across virtualized CPU's.

LiveTime's virtual appliance includes built-in debugging, configuration and management utilities. Simple guided menus provide easy access to networking, upgrades and general system utilities. The LiveTime Virtual appliance currently supports all Sun xVM and VMware virtualization platforms, including Sun xVM VirtualBox, VMware Player, Workstation, Fusion, Server and ESX Server.

The LiveTime Virtual appliance supports Sun xVM VirtualBox, high performance, free and open source desktop virtualization software. With xVM VirtualBox software, developers can easily build, test and run cross-platform, multi-tier applications on a single laptop or desktop computer. Targeted at end users, developers and SMBs, xVM VirtualBox software is the entry-level offering into Sun's broader xVM virtualization and management software portfolio and is designed for a broad range of customers of all sizes.

Organizations can now leverage LiveTime's ITIL Service Management software with the ease of installation of traditional software. The virtual appliance provides the necessary scalability and security that is difficult to achieve when deployed on existing hardware and operating systems. Since the system has been hardened at the operating system layer, LiveTime provides Just Enough Operating System for its needs. This makes the system easy to update and maintain and provides a very small footprint and a 160MB download.

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